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Originally, I was creating a tablet with the Raspberry Pi, a small microcomputer used for tinkering and creating. Sadly, at the time of creating this, I do not have the materials to suffice for the tablet. Now I have an LCD screen, a Raspberry Pi, and a 32 gig SD card

So instead of a tablet I am going to create a local server on my network to have a kind of "external database" so I can edit my code on anything without an SD card (what i'm using now) luckily, you do not really need that much hardware to set up this project. I have all the equipment to set this up, I just need a case for the LCD and Pi, which isn't my number 1 concern at the moment.

The way this will work is with Apache 2 (a webhost framework) some FTP appli5cation like Pure-FTPd, and the Raspian operating system (a linux based OS). I will make a new "project" explaining step by step how to do this, with credit to the place I learned it myself